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  • Taste of Cherry
  • It's Such a Beautiful Day
  • Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
  • The Young Girls of Rochefort

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  • Eternity and a Day


  • Memoria


  • Fantastic Mr. Fox


  • American Psycho


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  • Out-Takes from the Life of a Happy Man

    Out-Takes from the Life of a Happy Man


    "Who in this city of light and sadness is searching for salvation, truth, final answers? Is there anyone who doesn't sleep nights thinking about the meaning of the city, the night, the sadness, and oneself?"

    Tomorrow is my last day of high school. I've hated high school. I've been lonely and miserable and I've wanted this day to come so badly for so long, but now that it's basically here, I feel a little sad. I hate all the big…

  • The Beaches of Agnès

    The Beaches of Agnès


    "While I live, I remember"

    Alright, I've done it. I've completed Varda's filmography. Every single one of her features, documentaries, and shorts (or at least all the shorts included in the Criterion boxset). I guess it's time to write about her films, the impact they've had on me, and why I think she was the greatest director to ever live.

    The first of her films I saw was "Cleo from 5 to 7," right after first downloading the Criterion Channel.…

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  • Eternity and a Day

    Eternity and a Day


    “All passed by so quickly.”

    Announcing itself from the get go as a giant. Eternity and a Day has no attempt at modesty, it never tries to be anything less than it is. Long sequences of poetry intercut by profound monologues, memories that flow into dreams or fantasy. This film can easily be accused of pretension, of begging for international awards, and those accusions would probably be correct, but it really is as profound and as magical as it presents…

  • Memoria



    “It’s like a rumble from the core of the earth.”

    Weeresethakul never misses. It’s been a while since I’ve really ventured into slow cinema - and I’ve missed it. There’s something about the quiet, deliberate meditations of these films that’s always been so deeply touching for me. This is no exception. Memoria, like the rest of Weeresethakul’s work and most slow cinema, quickly lulled me into a trance, fixated by the screen, each sudden lurch of sound jolting me into…

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  • Turistas



    My dad directed this movie and here are a few things he told me about it if anybody is interested:

    1. He didn’t want to make it in the first place
    2. He hates the ending
    3. Brazil is really nice and he had a great time there
    4. He tried his best to make this movie not antagonizing Brazil and had an almost all-Brazilian crew but it was pretty difficult given what he had to work with

    Anyway this movie isn’t that good and it’s gonna be really awkward if my dad ever downloads Letterboxd and sees this rating.

  • Belfast


    “If they can't hear you, then they're not listening”

    Belfast starts with what is perhaps the worst opening I have ever seen in my entire life. The baffling color travelogue-like introduction to the city of Belfast was so bad that I didn’t even process that the film had started once it began. Once I realized that what I was watching was the actual movie, I assumed that the theater had made a mistake and the wrong thing was playing. I…