Knight of Cups ★★★★½

A beautiful tale of loss, exploration, and the abstract nature of life itself. Terrence Malick's Knight of Cups delves into the mindset of Hollywood writer Rick (Christian Bale) as he goes through life searching for meaning through interactions with those that bring him love, fear, and uncertainty over whether he has made the correct choices in life.

Malick presents a storyline that parallels the way one reflects on life itself. It shows the subtleties, the overload, and the moments of pure joy and terror that we constantly face. The deconstruction of narrative used here could prove challenging to some, I found it to be an exhilarating experience, especially thanks to breathtaking cinematography from Emmanuel Lubezki. Every frame is a work of art and illustrates an intricate part of the story and themes presented.

I could probably ramble on for days about the brilliant themes and storytelling methods used in Knight of Cups, but for now, I'll just say to go see this film. It's unlike anything I've ever witnessed, and is a prime example of the true brilliance and ingenuity possible in the art that is filmmaking.

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