Star Wars: The Force Awakens ★★★★½

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The first act of this film has some of the best shots and character introductions in all of Star Wars. Every time I watch it I'm amazed. Then it just becomes... familiar?

I don't know. Besides being a bit messy in the second act (wtf is the "New Republic" or "Starkiller Base" and why should I care), I genuinely don't have many complaints. It just suffers on rewatch because I've seen these story beats before in Star Wars.

It's all a bit frustrating, because the characters are GREAT. I think I'm just mad because this WHOLE FILM could have been great. It just played things a bit too safe. Which makes sense after the response to the prequels, but still. Ugh.

Oh well. Still an awesome movie. Thank god for the strange masterpiece that is The Last Jedi.

Extra points because Adam Driver.

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