Tenet ★½

scavenger hunt #70 | January 2021
2. watch a 2020 film that disappointed you

i didn’t actually watch this in 2020, but Christopher Nolan obstinately insisting that this be theatrically released in the middle of a bona-fide pandemic was incredibly stupid. certainly qualifies as a film that disappointed me, because Christopher Nolan’s ignorance combined with Tenet’s awful box-office performance and WW84’s HBO premiere probably means that theatrical distribution as we know it is over, which sucks. so thanks for wrongheadedly insisting that we have to watch your shitty movie in imax, you hack.

as for the movie itself, it consists of Christopher Nolan playing a game of “how many times can I play film in reverse before the audience stops caring?” the answer may surprise you! John David Washington has the charisma of a sink full of dishes. nothing in this movie is funny or exciting. surprised that I liked Zimmer’s score. Robert Pattinson 😍. fuck you Nolan.

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