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  • Don't Look Now

    Don't Look Now


    A fever dream in movie form.
    Is he going crazy? Is she? Is there a third-person narrator we don't know about? Am I going crazy? Are the sisters crazy? Is the cryptic police guy crazy?
    A wonderfully gauzy horrifying-at-the-last-possible-second horror film, Don't Look now is the absolute and utter definition of a slow burn. Everything leading up to That Dwarf Scene is there SOLELY to make the audience go "wait, what?"
    The editing in this is just amazing. Juxtaposed shots, close ups of eyes, bells clanging, it's all so dream-like and jarring.

  • Die Hard 2

    Die Hard 2


    About as cheesy action movie as you can possibly get. But it's just so damn earnest about it, you can't help but like it.
    Can't hold a candle to The Greatest Christmas Movie of All Time (what can), but it's still a fairly entertaining (if nonsensical) plot. Willis gets some one-liners of varying quality, the douchebag reporter is on Holly's plane because reasons, and the intrigue is fun.

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  • Yojimbo



    Somehow my first Kurosawa film. I know, I know.
    Darkly hilarious and full of great lines ("I'm not dying yet. I have to kill quite a few men first.") and groundbreaking shot composition, it's immensely enjoyable to watch Mifune the master growl and slice his way through the town of gangsters.
    A true classic in every sense of the word.

  • Die Another Day

    Die Another Day


    I haven't seen this is 15 years, but boy has it not held up.
    Quite possibly the worst Bond movie ever. I completely understand why they rebooted the entire franchise after this disaster.
    The one-liners are groan-inducing ("Well, the fun is about to come to a dead end." "You know, I've missed your sparkling personality." "How's that for a punch line?") The set design is late-90s at it's worst. The gadgets are video-game-tier. The story is one giant eye roll.…