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  • Toni



    My first viewing in 10+ years. This is nothing less than a subtle masterpiece. I don’t think we hear enough talk about Renoir being one of the greatest filmmakers. TONI is flowing with humanity, romance, hardship, and life. The character work is so nuanced and the motivations feel so sincere. I think it’s such an important picture, especially with its humanizing of immigrant communities. But also with how it plays with the characters, and really makes them feel alive. Renoir…

  • #Alive



    This is a definite recommend from me. I thought the story and characters were excellent, and that it all lead up to a very exciting conclusion. This is a very humanitarian picture at its core, and I can dig that. The violence and zombie design were so well done. And the action sequences are very impactful. I truly had a great time with this one.

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    Absolutely incredible. I enjoyed this more than the book, which is so amazing as well. I love Kaufman’s willingness to adapt, and carry over themes to new stories, but expanding them to make them even more revelatory.  I enjoyed his use of references here so much. His amalgamations of memory, ideas and genres, smashed together to create characters and situations just leaves me breathless and often shattered. His perception of time and memory rings like tinnitus in my ears, stinging,…

  • The Assistant

    The Assistant


    A damn fine film. The performances were all so strong and the quiet styling helped immensely with playing into the sense of dread, or at least that something was very off. There are so many stories within the story here, that are highlighted but passed over to carry the POV. This is basically a rabbit hole. I found the story in the film was handled with such care and delicacy. I think many people could learn a lot about how they carry themselves by watching this one, myself included. 4/5