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  • Stray



    I loved this film so much! It's such a simple and loving examination of dogs and their relations with the people of Istanbul. It does make me sad how we view stray animals here in the US, and even sometimes how we covet them, that they must be privately owned or essentially unseen or non-existent.

    The filming is basically a POV-style of a dog's perspective the entire time, and there is very little dialogue this entire film. It's mainly a…

  • CODA



    I love this movie! There is so much heart and humanity here, and I felt for each family member greatly. The emotional highs hit so strong, the performances are all impeccable, and there is some brilliant music here. Any movie that mentions The Shaggs gets my love. And I loved the setting. I've definitely got some issues but they are so outweighed by everything else.

    This is a very tightly packaged film, and does hit familiar beats for the coming…

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  • Pig



    A stunning ode to simple pleasures and enjoying the moments with those around you. The character work in Pig is so rich, and there is such humanity in each. I found everyone so identifiable. And the cinematography is just so luscious. It really captures Portland and the PNW so well, inside and outside of the city. There is so much subtext here in this short runtime, it's truly a marvel of storytelling and filmmaking,

    This is a food movie and…

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    Absolutely epic, and so beautiful to take in. David Lowery's THE GREEN KNIGHT mixes fantasy and existentialism in such a smooth combination. It's like he took what he learned from A GHOST STORY and PETE'S DRAGON and combined them perfectly into this story. I was largely unfamiliar with the story and characters, but this film has me wanting to dive into the source material and more Arthurian legend films. I found this such an inspiring and rewarding experience.

    This film…