The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

Jodorowsky has such an insane philosophy, which I am so not on the same page with, but I adore his vision and ability to create. THE HOLY MOUNTAIN contains some of the most incredible imagery put to screen. This is such a batshit display of artistic freedom that is layered in commentary, philosophy, and imagery that leaves my head spinning. But it's such a profound technical achievement, and I think his work is so massively inspiring to so many that are just searching for ways to express themselves.

The narrative to this film is just so ridiculous, and this does not follow conventional norms at all. It defies them in almost every way, and I apprentice that so much. I do understand many will be left questioning their sanity, or what they witness here, and I don't think that effect is wholly lost on me, but with repeat viewings this thing starts to unpack. I think this film has a very high replay value. I completely forgot this film was in English.

I'm a huge fan of THE HOLY MOUNTAIN. It's such a crazy film. Why? What? Huh? Yes. I love it. I disagree with a lot of the philosophy, and can completely see how Jodorowsky is a now-turned mystic basically. He does scare be a bit, but I appreciate his vision so much. THE HOLY MOUNTAIN almost feels like Jodorowsky was playing with his tarot cards while watching SWEET MOVIE and just said, "Let's do this." I highly recommend this if you haven't seen it already. 4.5/5

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