Lamb ★★★


As beautiful of a film that Lamb is, it’s plot it so outlandish and outside of the box to the point that it feels like there’s hardly any development going on at any point. There is no denying that the work in cinematography for Lamb is of extreme talent and displays great experience and landscape capturing, fully immersing you into the Icelandic landscape and making you feel isolated there along with the characters. A24 is known for backing outrageous films with crazy and unbelievable premises like Lamb, but I was still surprised how little plot development and explanation was provided with the film. The Green Knight from A24 earlier this year was nearly as outrageous and abstract with his story premise but still provided a fair amount of description and explanation with its plot, making it a truly triumphant film when that was combined with its beauty. Not too many complaints can be made about Lamb though, as with any other director or production company backing it, it would’ve turned into an unwatchable mess that isn’t enjoyable in the slightest way, and Lamb is far from that.

Lamb may not fully entertain or engage most audiences from start to finish, but there is no denying the fact that it is amazing and enthralling to look it, sucking you in with each new shot of its setting and landscape. With the premise behind the film it should be terrible, but somehow it comes out being a cohesive film that will keep your mind racing and questioning things from beginning to end.

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