Win It All

Win It All ★★★

"Oh no."

What a cool little movie. By default my favorite movie about poker by not including details of actual hands being played, instead focusing on people's dumb, joyful, panicky and despondent reactions - all hands are the same, anyway. Johnson's now a frontrunner for my fav actor of the year, bringing big-time pathos to a small-time degenerate. Swanberg's universe is small and incomplete but full of great lived-in detail, the acting is uniformly excellent (s/o to Joe Lo Truglio) and the little moments - like when Keegan Michael Key starts laughing at Johnson for losing all his money in a week and Johnson can barely keep a straight face while telling him that's pretty rude - really round out the whole thing. Pretty ridiculous ending, but the movie had won me over by that point anyway. Great soundtrack, too!

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