The Help ★★★★½

I absolutely, 100%, adored this movie!! I was hesitant to bother with it since I had read (and loved) the book. Nine times out of ten, I loathe the movie that is adapted from a book. This one took me by surprise though. The casting was perfection! I couldn't imagine a better actor in ANY role in the film. I have loved Emma Stone since "Zombieland" and she shines here as well. Octavia Spencer stole the movie though. She was outstanding. She nailed the role of Minny Jackson. She has had one of the (if not THE) best performances I have seen this year. There were a few changes from the novel, but I really didn't mind. They seemed minor and didn't affect the outcome in any way. The points of the story were still there. This is definitely a must-see for lovers of the book and any advocate of change.