Pleasure ★★★★

I'm sure you had seen porn before watching this film. I don't know about you guys but within our friends, we kinda chat about it about how this profession works and learnt a lot about them. Like how the industry runs and how the actors would feel and the way it goes good or bad. I have been thinking a lot about how Ninja Thyberg would deal with those themes & situations and I love the way it was accomplished. To be honest it was exceptional, especially because the lead actor (Sofia Kappel) isn't associated with the porn industry in any way. It's brutal and feels so fucking honest that takes you on a trip behind the doors of the American porn industry. You could argue it's the actor's brilliance but that works in both ways. Ninja Thyberg deserves appreciation for making the set and the scene comfortable for her.

It doesn't waste our time concluding the porn is good or bad. It straight up treats it as an honest profession and legit people are working hard to make some money. Beginning with a positive intent it divulges those awful realities remarkably in the most brutal way. It overlaps with the story of The Neon Demon by a thin line, The desire to be the best above everyone. The film has got its own story to tell beyond the exploration of the porn industry which keeps it apart from all those films that have done this before. Also love the ending, how brilliantly it presented the story of the woman Sofia deemed to become(Ava) and how they end up.

This film also made me realise the need for a Porn Exploration film in India, I know the audience aren't ready for it but it will be one heck of a film if it's made under the right director. The number of possibilities to build a story around it is infinite considering the complications around it in India. I would love to see it one day.

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