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  • Black Sabbath

    Black Sabbath


    Fantastic anthology, full of great atmosphere and scares. Of the three stories on offer here i think The Drop Of Water is the real masterpiece. It's a really creepy short that was well ahead of it's time. The Telephone is very much a giallo style film and has some really nice moments. The Wurdalak is Bava's take on the vampire mythology and i found this to be the weakest tale. Watch this on blu ray as the colors will absolutely stand out.

  • Nightmare in Canada: Canadian Horror on Film

    Nightmare in Canada: Canadian Horror on Film


    Very good Documentary on Canadian horror films covering anything from Shivers to Ginger Snaps. They do give some coverage to the early 80s Slasher films like Prom Night and My Bloody Valentine. I really enjoyed this and would recommend it to fans of the genre.

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  • Inferno



    This is one of Argento's most underated films, It has everything, Great visuals,suspence,thrilling climax the lot! Second part of the excellent Three Mothers Trilogy. The only failing in the movie is that,well you can't top Suspira really can you? Couple it with one of his best non GOBLIN Soundtracks and you have a mini-masterpeice!

  • The House by the Cemetery

    The House by the Cemetery


    A very strong entry in Lucio Fulci's zombie Quartet, It plays out almost as a slasher,and indeed add the haunted house subgenre into that as well. Overall Atmosphere was fantastic, coupled with quite abit of gore, This is not as action packed as say, The Beyond and City Of The Living Dead. A great slow burner, highely recomended!