Kill the Messenger ★★★½

I absolutely love movies about journalism and the state of journalism today. Journalism is an industry that I'm passionate about, and I love seeing the pitfalls portrayed on screen.

Kill the Messenger is scary. It is absolutely terrifying to see the power that government agencies can have to discredit the truth. I don't know much about the real Gary Webb, so I'm not sure how truthful the movie is, but the movie narrative gets dark and frightening at times.

Jeremy Renner is fantastic in this movie, one of the best performances I've seen from him. He really breathes life into his character, making me resonate even more with the real life man.

Kill the Messenger is a fantastic commentary on the state of journalism today, and an interesting antithesis piece in the wake of the fake news phenomenon. On-screen text in the final minutes perfectly encapsulates the movie too, a dark time for journalism and truth in a world not willing to pull back the curtain on its hidden demons.