Toy Story 4 ★½

Imagine going through a black hole. How your body might swell or shrink or change shape all the while your mind is functioning and processing the endless void of nothing.

This movie is that nothing. An anti-thought. A magnet that erases all positive traces of the previous adventures involving Woody & crew.

Disney put the toys away 10 years ago. I sat in the theatre with tears in my eyes. We, the audience, were all grown up, passing our toys down to someone else. Storybook ending. Now, here they are one more time. Disney giveth, Disney taketh.

In commercials there was a vault. A Disney vault. That vault where those puffy VHS covers rest indefinitely. No more Bambi. No more Cinderella. Limited time offer.

Place this movie in that vault and sink the vault to the bottom of the ocean.

For over 2 hours (including previews here) I felt vacuumed of time. My mind turned to mush. I think the musical theme of “Taxi Driver” is used at one point. That fork was a metaphor for the movie? Whatever. At the end, the toys hugged and went away.

To be fair, the animation is cool.