Hook ★★★★★

Funny how the people who grew up with this film seem to give it so much praise while those who are now discovering it give it so much shit.

Peter Pan is one of my favorite fictional stories. The idea of "what would Peter Pan be like if he grew up" is one of those ideas that you kinda theorize as a kid, but if you lived before Hook, you kinda put it to bed and never thought it would come to fruition. This is Spielberg realizing my childhood thoughts.

I'm not gonna say that this movie doesn't have flaws, because it definitely does, but the themes and the wholesome approach to the story matter more to me than anything ever could. Robin Williams is brillant, but Dustin Hoffman gives his career best performance as Captain Hook, I don't care if that's a hot take.

I'll just say that this hit me harder than I was anticipating in the best way possible and I think it'll hit me even harder when I end up being a father. This is kinda my low-key favorite Spielberg film.

Love it to death.

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