No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★½

Excellent finale to Craig's tenure as Bond and one of the best films of the series in my book. Easily in the top 10.

I prefer Skyfall and Casino Royale, but this is nearly on par with them both. I loved how much of a sense of humor this one had despite the high stakes and relatively somber tone. The score was awesome and the way it incorporated the theme song into the background throughout the film was great.

Action scenes were above par for Bond as well. I actually didn't mind Rami Malek as the villain in this the way some people did, I just wish they did more WITH him by the end considering the nearly 3 hour runtime, which also never felt its length.

Yeah, this was fucking great. This is a Bond film for Bond fans and I think it's going to age extremely well in the franchise, I just have no idea where they're going to take the series from here. Check it out in a theater if you have the opportunity, it's awesome.

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