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  • Cream Horn

    Cream Horn


    The plot concerns tailor to the clergy Domenico (Lino Banfi) trying to carry on an affair with aspiring church singer Marianne (Edwige Fenech), without his wife and son finding out. There are some amusing scenes but I just don't find cheating on someone to be all that funny, especially since the guy's wife never gives him reason to. Devoted Fenech fans will seek this out regardless, but while she does a great job as usual she has been in better comedies.

  • The Nun

    The Nun

    I don’t get out to the theater much, as evidenced by this being my first 2018 film this year. Normally, I wouldn’t mention my theater experience as this shouldn’t be relevant to the quality of a film, but here I think it relates to just how poorly made many of these Conjuring-Insidious-jump scare movies are. I’m not sure if it’s just the theater I go to, but over the years it seems as though the volume level has been continually…

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  • Chivalrous Inn

    Chivalrous Inn


    This film features a typical "Manchu" plot, including a traitor among the heroes. Fighting is mostly average, and as with many of the cheaper kung fu films unless there is someone like a Carter Wong or John Liu on screen, I find my attention starting to wander at points. The film does have a couple of clichés that never get old for me though: several characters with specialized, fictitious fighting techniques and, a series of quick cuts of multiple characters…

  • The Night of a Thousand Cats

    The Night of a Thousand Cats

    The minuscule amount of cat mauling did not make up for the excessive amount of helicopter footage.