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  • Mated


    Also known as “Mis-Mated,” this very early sex education film is no erotic “white-coater” or stag film. Although there is ample nudity on display (mostly through still photographs of female and male models) and explicit footage featuring close-up shots of a woman giving birth, nothing is shown for titillation. The film appears to have been mostly shot MOS, using voice-over narration and a soundtrack of organ music, although there is the occasional sound segment featuring a man dressed in surgical…

  • Deadly Drifter

    Deadly Drifter


    Without looking up anything about this film beforehand, I went into this – like I’m sure many people did upon seeing the poster or video box art – expecting an action/thriller starring Danny Glover (the alternate title of “Deadly Drifter” does the film no favors). In reality, “Out” is – to quote the back of my dvd case - an “absurdist road film.”
    Though hard to follow at times, the story seems to be a satire on themes of the…

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  • Chivalrous Inn

    Chivalrous Inn


    This film features a typical "Manchu" plot, including a traitor among the heroes. Fighting is mostly average, and as with many of the cheaper kung fu films unless there is someone like a Carter Wong or John Liu on screen, I find my attention starting to wander at points. The film does have a couple of clichés that never get old for me though: several characters with specialized, fictitious fighting techniques and, a series of quick cuts of multiple characters…

  • The Night of a Thousand Cats

    The Night of a Thousand Cats

    The minuscule amount of cat mauling did not make up for the excessive amount of helicopter footage.