A Ghost Story ★★★★★

i think a ghost story has been one of the few films i've seen that properly expresses grief and love. i have never been in love (and after seeing this, i'm not sure i ever want to) but i fell in love with this gem of a film. i loved everything about this, i loved the ghosts talking to each other, i loved the cinematography, i loved the drunken monologue (that gave me an existential crisis), but most of all i love how it captured grief. i know grief and depression well enough to the point where i had to have my friend carry me to the shower because i physically and mentally couldn't get up. rooney mara's famous pie eating scene is something i don't think i can ever get over because i felt so much pain in her every bite and it's a perfect portrayal. when my grandfather died, i laid there in my bed staring at nothing because i found out by fucking accident and in that small one take of her eating pie, i found a film that accurately shows what grief is. one of my favorite films of 2017 and one of my favorite films ever. we do what we can to endure.

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