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  • Personal Problems

    Personal Problems

    - i can’t even talk to this dude. i’m trying to relate to him, see? i’m trying to read my book and here he come talking about politics or something like that. “malti song” or somebody...
    - who? malti song?
    - malti song. the man in china.
    - mao tse-tung!

    i love this film so much lmao

  • Caliphate


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    chibola de mierda

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  • La revolución y la tierra

    La revolución y la tierra


    quiero ver todas las películas usadas para este documental

  • The Holy Girl

    The Holy Girl

    cuál es el simbolismo detrás de la mujer desinfectando todo? me muero por saber