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  • Zombie 3

    Zombie 3


    I'm awed by how much better this movie is than I remembered it being. It's pretty awful, but it's awful in all the best ways possible. If I wasn't laughing, I was cheering.

    Make no mistake, I have the utmost respect for Lucio Fulci. But when it comes to pure Italian, brain seizing what-the-fuckness, no one beats Bruno Mattei. And in Zombie 3, I get both Fulci and Mattei! The gods of Italian cinema rain down glorious, goofy gifts upon…

  • Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters, Part 2

    Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters, Part 2


    "I swear I will not rest until I've been revenged!"

    The great Indonesian exploitation director Arizal does it again in this watered-down yet utterly bonkers version of Thriller: A Cruel Picture. On the downside, there is actually only ONE ferocious female freedom fighter. On the plus side, we see our heroine busting balls (literally) and kicking ass to the sounds of Indonesian country music (?), often with just one hand--including an unbelievable scene when she fights off a group of macho baddies with a three-year-old cradled in one arm. Good times.

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  • Prisoner X

    Prisoner X


    Here's the rare time travel movie that isn't made convoluted through temporal chicanery, but rather through the machinations of spycraft.

    The budget is low, but the movie is pieced together with care. I was always a step or two ahead of the story, but I never minded much. Watching this apparent labor of love unfold was simply too comforting.

    I don't want to overhype this little movie, but with proper expectations, this can makes for a dandy and diverting afternoon view. It's a rare three star movie with an added "like" heart bonus. Make of that what you will.

  • Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound

    Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound


    Making Waves filled in several gaps in my knowledge of sound in cinema. It covered the history of sound design and editing, the layered elements that go into modern film, and the tools used to achieve the end result. There were a lot of talking heads and several film clips used as examples. It became rather dry towards the end, but for the most part, I found the doc to be engaging.

    The Good: David Lynch is one of the…

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  • Time Trap

    Time Trap


    This is an easy front-runner for the "Best Movie of the Year I'd Never Heard of." With zero name recognition and it's goofy 1990's title and poster art, I probably wouldn't have given this little movie a second thought. But it was the 80th most downloaded movie of the day, and it had a good review on the IMDB, so, I thought, why not give it a quick whirl?

    Despite the fact that this sort of thing never goes well...this…

  • Boys in the Trees

    Boys in the Trees


    I'm a little conflicted on this one.

    This somewhat unique coming of age tale obliquely examines the horrors of bullying. There are persistent vague gestures towards potential supernatural activity that become increasingly frustrating as the film begins to collapse under the weight of its ponderous, allegorical symbolism. A pair of revelations towards the end (one fairly foreseeable, the other a less predictable kick to the teeth) redeems some of the films horrible pacing and interminable self-importance. Then it blows it…