Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts ★★★★

PCP mysteriously gets in the water supply, and all the critters in the zoo get a big, crazy making snoot full (tragically, Rudy Ray Moore isn't there to "attack the whack" and put his weight on it).

Now I may sound like histories greatest monster here, but I am compelled to be honest. This movie is a fuck-ton of freaky fun from beginning to end. It has...
* Elephants smashing through a brick wall like the Kool Aid guy!
* Rats eating the flesh of a couple making sexy time in a car!
* A Cheetah vs a VW Bug!
* A polar bear smashing through a mirror to chase kids around!
And much, much more that I don't want to ruin. It's fast, it's dumb and it's gory. What else can you ask for in your eurotrash?

This film contains a little animal cruelty (specifically, burning rats) and a scantily clad 8 (?) year old prancing around in her apartment for about 90 seconds. It will make you feel very icky. On the other hand... Cheetah vs a VW Bug!!

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