some “original sin of woman” bullshit, dont waste your time. just another male director who thinks his take on “what it must be like to be a lady right now” is accurate or valuable or necessary. how dense and self-important must one be to come up with something so lacking in subtlety or subtext, in nuance or empathy? im half convinced they intentionally made something this obtuse + insensitive just so they could get away with depicting a woman abused, harassed, manipulated, stalked, and r*ped. a chore to sit through the mediocre dialogue, the lame caricatures of male violence, and the heavy-handed christian symbolism (oy with the stigmata already) 

harper: what the fuck are you…
antagonistic amalgamation of the men who’ve wronged her: catholic 

men pleasure shrek 2/3 (p.s. finally tried the green popcorn)

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