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  • House



    Nobuhiko Ôbayashi's comedy-horror film Hausu is above all, totally and incomprehensibly batshit crazy. It is essentially japanese craziness from beginning to end, with a never ending stream of pure creativity as we see some incredible variety of ideas put on display. Insane ideas, but ideas non the less.

    It is hard to not fall in love with the vivid and fun ideas that Hausu gives us. Whether it be just in its humor through wordplay, the very fitting silly but…

  • The Boss Baby

    The Boss Baby

    Films like The Boss Baby with just one simple idea and not much behind it should probably be transformed into five to ten minutes shorts where you will just say to yourself: "Yeah okay i was slightly entertained, it didn't overstay it's welcome" and then you go on with your life. As it is though they serve you one idea stretched into ninety minutes, and after thirty minutes at the very latest you will notice how horrid the humor injected…

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  • Black Dynamite

    Black Dynamite


    Can you dig it? Oh yes, I most certainly can!
    Scott Sanders' Black Dynamite is a jam-packed, fully-loaded, hilarious action comedy that knows exactly what it does at any moment. Satirizing b-movies, while at the same time embracing its peculiarity and strain of madness.

    Black Dynamite screams cult all over its ninety minutes runtime, not just because of the distinctive humour, but also its well-timed editing and use of animated sequences that intertwine with the rest of the film. Satire…

  • The Cameraman

    The Cameraman


    Used for many years by MGM as an illustration for a perfect comedy, The Cameraman is Buster Keaton's last film that is still widely known and cherished to this day. Most of what followed after, is long forgotten. This was the first film where he was restricted by the studio to actor-only, but, sure enough, he soon took over a lot of the directorial aspects from Edward Sedgwick and infused his creative mind into the workflow.

    Though the first half…