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  • It



    Slapstick Festival 2021 Online
    via YouTube/Eventive
    Music by Daan Van Den Hurk
    Introduced by Lucy Porter
    The Kino restoration from the Killiam Collection - very early restoration

    Clara Bow in her most famous film shows us why she was so popular. She is vivacious and charming. She has a genuineness that just shines through. She doesn't seem to be acting.

    Betty Lou is a straight shooter. She dares to dream but she is fully grounded in reality. The way she…

  • The Three Must-Get-Theres

    The Three Must-Get-Theres


    Slapstick Festival 2021 Online
    via YouTube/Eventive
    Accompanied by John Sweeney
    Introduced by Serge Bromberg

    Max Linder has such a great presence. He looks like he is having the time of his life in this film. Great gags throughout and wonderful fight choreography.

    I liked the comic modern touches, the telephones, and the Queen's sedan chair actually being a sedan complete with wheels.

    The Cardinal's relationship with his servant was super creepy. And there are a couple of instances of blackface that were unnecessary and uncomfortable but at least very short.

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  • The Pillar of Fire

    The Pillar of Fire


    Watched as part of the Film School Drop-Outs Challenge (Revision 2017)

    This is one of the recently restored hand-colored Melies films. These were sourced from original nitrate and restored and stabilized.

    This is a variation on the serpentine dance that was so popular with filmmakers of the time. The flowing gown and the colors which culminate into the brilliant orange of the fire are spectacular. It's short enough that the dance doesn't get boring and the visuals are breathtaking.


  • The Birth of a Nation

    The Birth of a Nation


    Film School Drop Outs 2018 Weekly Challenge
    Week 2 - (2018) - Genre - The Early Epic (1915 - 1935)

    I have been studying film since I was eight years old. I have avoided this film like the plague.

    When I studied film in college, I was lucky that when my professors discussed Griffith, we usually watched his earlier Biograph shorts and occasionally clips of his features. Over the years, I'd seen a fair number of clips and had read…