Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

I appreciate that they didn't go the full King Kong route and let him stay on the island. I also appreciate that they gave the one "fuck" to John C. Reilly and not Sam Jackson.

I get where they were going with the Vietnam stuff, but it's tough when you're drawing comparisons between the people of Vietnam and a goddamn giant monkey. It's okay to have a fun adventure/giant monster movie without making political statements. Speaking of awkward political statements: John Goodman's line about how Nixon is the craziest the White House will ever get - woof. Also, I can't stand Vietnam needle drops, or needle drops at all really.

The more I write the more I'm like "did I secretly hate this movie?" No. I'm a sucker for King Kong, and I liked the design of the other monsters. The giant monkey throws down and I'm in. It's still a fun adventure movie.

I've also decided that whenever "Heart of Darkness" in inevitably adapted again Sam Jackson should play Kurtz. His character is very much not the same as Kurtz in this movie, but they throw so much Apocalypse Now stuff at you that I couldn't help but think about it and how I think he would be good as a more toned down villain.