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  • Zombieland



    "Thank god for rednecks!"

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    This one of the most sincere and emotionally honest movies I’ve watched this year. Brad Pitt is fantastic as this usually emotionally seclusive man who is broken by the absence of his father and their unfinished relationship. The whole movie is about the relationship between these two and it’s almost frightening to see them reunite. Nothing is as scary as seeing Clifford for the first time on the outer rim of Neptune.
    Completely succeptible to insanity.
    The movie feels…

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  • Minecraft: The Movie

    Minecraft: The Movie

    W    E      B     A     C    K     I    N      T    H    E      M     I   N   E

  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs


    Fassbender is seriously one of the most underrated actors of the generation. He captures every unique element of Jobs. He conveys real emotion that feels hyperbolic yet raw which leads to some of the best drama I’ve ever seen.
    The character interactions, from the very first few minutes are fantastic. I could put any line from these conversations and put them on a T-shirt. The dialogue is so quick and flashy while at the same time carrying so much depth. 
    If all biopics were half as good as this I would feel satisfied. God, this movie is so good.