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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

so much to say… so much to process… how many times will i come back to edit this review? hopefully only like, once…

ok SO.

i told a few people going into this that there were two specific things that could ruin it all for me: 
- the music
- CGI (in lieu of practical effects)

i am SO happy to report that they absolutely nailed the score. go off, elmer bernstein! (rip). seriously. they nailed it in every way. i was incredibly relieved as soon as the theremin started playing in the beginning. my shoulders dropped a lot of tension.

EDIT #2: score was done by rob simonsen who nailed it so perfectly 

i am also relieved to say that the CGI wasn’t horribly overdone in a way that took me out of things. phew!!

ok onto… everything else!

mckenna grace carried the absolute hell out of this movie. just absolutely crushed it. i was talking to my friend nikki afterwards and we agreed that the cast could’ve honestly been dwindled down by a lot, keeping both mckenna and paul rudd of course.

which brings me to … paul rudd. what a pitch perfect performance, my dude. just the absolute right amount of comedy. 

which brings me to … the comedy. lose the kid named Podcast. or like, give the kid a normal name. rudd’s comedic sensibilities were all the movie needed and not any more than that. sorry to you, PODCAST. lots of jokes fell flat. and i did not like the “who ya gonna call” bit, and im saying this as the movie’s absolute number one target demographic.

which brings me to … podcast. well, sort of. the character (and name) is really indicative of who wrote this film… and without looking that up, i am going to assume older white dudes wrote this**. you really could tell, with the interjection of a pointless podcast (not the kid, the pod itself), the off-color jokes about gozer being non-binary and how that was “woke”, and the weird comment about prostitutes not needing to necessarily have coordination?… ??? (they might’ve said stripper here, i don’t remember now actually, it made my head fuzzy when it happened and i apologize if i got it wrong - i know the two are different!)

which brings me to …. um, ok can’t connect this one ..

DIALOGUE! my biggest gripe. not great dialogue all around. bummer !

ok … Carrie Coon. I love Carrie Coon. (watch The Leftovers if you haven’t). THEY DID MY GAL CARRIE DIRTY!!!!! I was SOOOO excited that she was cast in this, and they made her … shitty! Shitty was what i leaned over during the movie and said. “Why’d they make her shitty?!”, to be exact. bad mom. that stunk so much. they truly underutilized her and should’ve totally done something way different with her. like idk, let Carrie bust a damn ghost and then that’s how she starts to understand her dad more? just spitballing. also sad that Egon was a bad daddy but i guess he was trying to save the world all alone. not that that’s an excuse :( honestly would’ve loved a teeny bit more background there but OH WELL.

am i pissed they brought back Gozer? kind of, yeah. was it cool seeing Gozer? yes totally. was it awesome seeing carrie and paul be the gatekeeper and key master? yes! but i don’t see why they needed to have the same villain. it felt too nostalgic and i think did a disservice to what could’ve been done. (pretend that what I’m about to type is in teeny tiny font: they also fucking completely ignored Ghostbusters II .. like what in the absolute hell? IT HAPPENED.)

the cut scene AFTER the credits was SO GOOD HOLY SHIT. they won me back off the ledge after the ending that i did not so much like. cute mid-credits scene with dana too :) if the next one is all about Winston?!!! Baby I’m IN!!!!!!!

which brings me to … 😌 … the ending. I’m serious when I tell you that before I realized it was Egon’s hand helping Phoebe blast Gozer, that i thought it was Muncher for a brief moment. The hand was blue !!! Don’t judge me!!! anyway, obviously that would make no sense, but that’s how much i was NOT expecting to see Harold Ramis on-screen. it took me out of it - sorry! - i love Egon as much as the next person, but to see him standing there… not for me. it was jarring to see the ghostbusters show up too out of nowhere. i suppose i figured they’d show up after the call to Ray but… it didn’t hit the way it could’ve / should’ve.

that. being. said. I LOVED the first half of this movie with my heart. and when i say that, i mean it. i literally felt my heart swell at one point. i wish i could remember the moment. i loved when Egon was connecting with Phoebe. That was so sweet and wonderful and unexpected and just so nice. I was super into that!!!! maybe that’s what filled my heart up. i liked the old clips of the ghostbusters on YouTube, although the view count was pretty low for a confirmed ghost-tastrophe©️ in New York City ..

Finn wolfhard added nothing to the movie, other than he was the one who could sort of drive the car. The gunner seat fucking ROCKED!!!!!! She looked so cool !!!!!!!!!!! she’s great. just so great !!!! anyway i don’t think that’s Finn’s fault. It’s the writing. I’m assuming they just wanted him for star power and it does make sense to cast him. probably should’ve done more with him though if you’re gonna cast him! SAME WITH CARRIE. 

i think I’ve covered most of my thoughts. i am sure that when i wake up tomorrow having had a night full of dreams about this movie, I’ll think of something else.

I WILL SEE IT AGAIN !!!! I liked it :))))))

**yes written by Jason Reitman (knew that already) and Gil kenan 

EDIT #1: just wanna say that paul rudd picked out my favorite baskin robbins flavor - jamoca almond fudge. he only said “jamoca” but i saw the package 😏 and i worked at a baskin robbins, ok?

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