Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys ★★★

As perhaps the only person on Earth who watched (and loved) the television series 12 Monkeys before viewing the film 12 Monkeys, it was a bit of a tough watch for me because I couldn’t help but compare the two.

I did enjoy this movie, but I really think Brad Pitt went way too hard portraying Jeffrey Goines (I am sorry Mia!). He went so hard I found it distracting. The weird eye contact was cool I guess!?

I think my biggest concern lied in the lack of showing us when James Cole would time travel. At times it felt incongruent because one moment he would be in World War I but we weren’t shown when and how he traveled out of that time. It wasn’t exactly difficult to follow because of this, however it would’ve certainly improved my viewing experience as a big ol’ time travel-head.

All that said, you simply must watch the show!! I’m not one for celeb culture and I don’t really stan anyone, but Emily Hampshire’s performance really blew the whole thing out of the water and I went so far as to google her. I didn’t like Schitt’s Creek for numerous reasons, one being that they placed Emily in a pretty docile role when she has the RANGE to do so much more!!! Ok bye bye.

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