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  • Kiss Me, Stupid

    Kiss Me, Stupid


    "It happened in Climax, Nevada." (And how.)

    The vulgarity is still gleefully shocking (that this and the perfectly balanced The Apartment are from the same mind is still mind-blowing), but what sticks out to me more on a second viewing is the sincerity of Kim Novak's Polly the Pistol performance; her eye-flutters alone (shades of the tragic Shirley MacLaine in Some Came Running) are doing much more than just a Marilyn Monroe impersonation. Her performance alone grounds the film, and…

  • The Misfits

    The Misfits


    "The Misfits is one of those screamingly hopeless films that only occurs when the stars magically align. Said stars (Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift) are all shown on their last legs; within two days after the shoot wrapped up, Clark Gable would suffer a massive heart attack and die within the week; Monroe would die about a year later from a drug overdose in August 1962; Clift, too, would die in 1966 after a lifetime struggle with substance abuse.…

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  • The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight


    No, Tarantino. This is the last straw. You've gone too far, and you've proven your detractors right: you are only in it for the bloody money. (Emphasis on blood.) I've been willing to defend QT's oeuvre for a long time now, but if I want to maintain a responsible and self-respecting conscience, I have no choice but to renounce him. Despite his desire to be cinema's VC Barnum by way of a crimsony Jackson Pollock, QT has maintained an infrequent…

  • Dunkirk



    In Interstellar, love conquers all. In Dunkirk, home is where the heart is. Maybe by the time Nolan makes his space western, the truth will set us free.

    More thoughts soon.