Annette ★★★★½

I paid to watch this again at Cannes’s regular cineplex (a cute place) for a review, and just for my own understanding of a deeply weird movie. And because an unrushed rewatch is the only way to get some sort of handle on any of these festival movies (a method that Drive My Car and Memoria also pressingly deserve). Off the top of my head, the most curiously disaffected musical I know, leagues more depressing and dejected than even It’s Always Fair Weather or La La Land. Often violently unpleasant to watch, with no hummable tunes beyond the Sparks Brothers’s soppy parody of a love song (“We Love Each Other So Much!”) it’s the dream musical of a curdled psychoanalyst who wants his patient to kill the father AND the mother — and who wants to live vicariously through these murders.

Also, the ticket was 7 euros: not bad for a Friday night.

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