Targets ★★★★½

So shocking in its utter coldness and refusal to explain why any of this even had to happen (we all know why). It's a huge wellspring for the similarly morbid ideas about progress and the fall of modern culture in the new Hollywood movie by Tarantino. (No surprise that he's a huge fan of this one.) A film sick of American life: "God, what an ugly town," "All the good movies have been made," the hero ends up being a washed-up legend of the silver screen who's about to travel to Sumara to meet death, and the sniper with the clean-cut solder's grin chugs a Pepsi-Cola to get himself warmed up.

Karloff at the drive-in, where everyone is silently consuming from the "safety" of their cars: "Strange not to hear any reactions, isn't it?" I saw this on a streaming site in 2020 in the middle of a pandemic.

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