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  • The Way It Is

    The Way It Is


    16mm print - NYPL

    Truly a lost gem. Inspiring camerawork, a killer score, and top notch performances across the board in this inventive retelling of Cocteau. Captures a lost time in New York.

    Also Vincent Gallo 4 Lyfeeeee!

  • Small Change

    Small Change


    Though funny and insightful at times, with so many competing threads and storylines, Small Change doesn’t really...add up ;)

    *i’ll see myself out

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  • The Night of the Hunter

    The Night of the Hunter


    35mm Print. This film is a beauty. The shot of Shelley Winters underwater should be in museums. I swear Seymour Skinner is channeling Robert Mitchum in this movie.

  • Short Plays

    Short Plays


    I only watched the VG segment when Univision hosted it on their website for a few days.

    Not sure how to describe it without sounding reductive. Let's just say if VG describes The Brown Bunny as a minimalistic piece in the tradition of the artist Robert Ryman...this further carries that torch.