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  • Fear of Fear

    Fear of Fear


    I’ve come to know, and in some ways expect, Fassbinder’s accurate portrayal of depression with films like In a Year of 13 Moons, but didn’t anticipate him doing the same with the circuitous feelings or brutal physicality of panic/anxiety disorders. 

    35mm print - MoMA

  • Film with Three Dancers

    Film with Three Dancers


    Hesitant to really review until seeing Relatively but couldn't help but notice so many shades of other work in here.

    - A man and woman, with their hair/figures covered by leotard, facing a mirror is eerily reminiscent of the androgynous Bowie and Clark standing side by side doing the same in Man Who Fell to Earth.

    - The shifting face, like Philip K. Dick's "scramble suit" featured in A Scanner Darkly (Emshwiller often made book covers for Dick.)

    - The…

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  • New Rose Hotel

    New Rose Hotel


    Perhaps it’s fitting for a film so elusive that Abel seems to have the fuzziest of memories about the making. At the q&a I attended, when asked about what he thought of the film seeing it 20+ years later, he said something to the affect of “I was like who the fuck made this?!” And when Willem Dafoe remarked that he remembered a lot of improvisation on set, Abel said “you do?”

    Other highlights from said q&a:

    - “when I…

  • Parasite



    Plenty to like here but this is also the type of movie that if I wrote “They are rich but still nice/ They are nice because they are rich.” as my review like 4 months ago, I’d get 6,000 likes on letterboxd.

    DCP - Regal Essex