Loving ★★★★

I wish we lived in a world where Irvin Kershner exclusively made films like Loving and The Eyes of Laura Mars.

Or at least I wish we lived in a world where he poured all the money he made from Star Wars and James Bond into idiosyncratic films like this.

Good things about this movie:

- Sterling Hayden’s Abraham Lincoln Lookin’ Ass as an Iowa trucking magnate
- Gordy Willis’ “caught in a daydream” style of cinematography following characters lost in thought, often times cross cut with stark silhouettes of private moments in bedrooms and hallways
- George Segal pantsless, porky piggin’ it, traversing the snow and sneaking inside a crowded party to make his mistress a drink

Not so Good things:
-  There’s a feeling that much of this doesn’t come together, or at least fully add up. Kael notes in her review that the screenplay itself is fairly sparse and feels neglectful of some of the substance that made the source material so great. She also notes this causes certain gestures and moments to be overread or stretched.
- Certain scenes and characters feel short changed and Eve Marie Saint tho effective isn’t given nearly enough to fully materialize. 

That said, the movie is so honest with itself that I almost don’t care. 

35mm print - quad

Also s/o to credited production assistant (& Cinemateque 16 founder/future “Alligator” director Lewis Teague!)