Taxi Zum Klo ★★★★

35mm print - Nitehawk

Feels so authentic that it only makes sense that this is very closely based on Frank Ripploh’s own life. What’s interesting about such faithful adaptations is there are segments that need no justification or bear no explanation. For instance: why does the woman talk about her STD with him in such vivid detail? How about the abused woman who shows up randomly to his house in the middle of the night only to never be mentioned again? And let’s not get started on the stamp collector film...

Theres really no narrative explanation for many of these things other than the sheer fact that they happened and that they made up Frank’s (and Peggy’s) quixotic life.

But that’s not to say Taxi... is only full of the inexplicable. It’s also a film that’s fearless, comical, and downright romantic with its notions towards tumultuous promiscuity and true love. With a lifestyle then (and in so many ways, still) deemed taboo, it’s authenticity and glee is so necessary and remains immediate. By the film’s end, I walked out feeling like I just watched something timeless, even though it’s such a vivid portrait of a place and era that no longer exists.

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