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  • The Meetings of Anna

    The Meetings of Anna


    Like visual lithium.

    "Every shot has the visual weight of a battleship and nearly every facial expression has enough glumness to sink one." - Jonathan Rosenbaum

    Also this stands out to me as the only movie ever where I told someone to stop texting. Who would text during this?!

    35mm print - The Silent Movie Theater

  • In a Year with 13 Moons

    In a Year with 13 Moons


    Made in response to his lover's suicide, Fassbinder's most crushing film. All the more cruel in how beautiful it looks.

    35mm print - TransNation Festival, Silent Movie Theater

  • Fox and His Friends

    Fox and His Friends


    Forever my favorite Fassbinder since it opened him up for me.

    35mm print - Egyptian Theater

  • Betty Tells Her Story

    Betty Tells Her Story


    Quietly devastating. Would play well with Eustache’s Numéro zéro

    Digital - Criterion Channel

  • Watching the Detectives

    Watching the Detectives


    “I saw one guy with his eyes closed in a photo. Who blinks at a marathon?”

    Digital - Vimeo (quarantine)

  • I've Been Afraid

    I've Been Afraid

    I wish all of Tik Tok was just this

  • Pulling Up Roots

    Pulling Up Roots


    maybe more simplistic than previous (and forthcoming works), and I get the slight criticisms I've seen towards it but I liked hearing Cecelia say this is one of her favorite. Along with her previous work, Annie Lloyd, it seems to mark a shift for her to include herself in her work and enter new terrain.

  • We Were Hardly More Than Children

    We Were Hardly More Than Children


    Like someone remembering a dream formed in trauma.

    Reminiscent in style to Chick Strand's Soft Fiction and late Barbara Hammer to me, but a continued progression into the deeply personal for Cecelia.

  • Not a Jealous Bone

    Not a Jealous Bone


    Mortality is a funny thing.

  • Beneath the Skin

    Beneath the Skin


    the impersonal horror of a newstory, swallowed hole by the imagination of a potential victim - who was apparently Cecelia herself. Insane.

    Also, not nearly as dramatic, but being from Philadelphia and watching America's Most Wanted as a kid I specifically remember this case (and recalled it during the film), and how the man known as the Unicorn Killer had to be extradited from France.

    twitch - StreamSlate

  • Possibly in Michigan

    Possibly in Michigan


    "the three of them had two things in common - violence and perfume."

    a dissociative thriller, both terrifying and beautiful (and funny!), with musical sections that have the vibe of a kate bush video directed by a young David Lynch (like Condit, another former PAFA student).

    Also my two favorite fun facts during this q&a was that thanks to the NEA grant, Possibly in Michigan aired on the 700 Club lol and that the film was known to come up on the "suggested" YouTube algorithm for Bernie campaign videos for some reason.

    twitch - StreamSlate

  • My First Film

    My First Film


    If l was a bird and you was a fish 
    What would we do, l guess we'd wish 
    For re-incarnation, re-incarnation 
    Wouldn't it be a sensation 
    To come back too, like reincarnation 
    If l was a tree and you was a flower 
    What would we do, l guess we'd wait for the power 
    Of re-incarnation, re-incarnation, 
    Wouldn't it be a sensation 
    To come back too, like reincarnation 

    Digital - final performance (for now?)