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This review may contain spoilers.

//It's all a hallucination.

He never leaves the apartment and his mind just makes up his death in the bathroom to justify the production of dmt (remember his friend saying that dmt is the same drug you produce when you die?). More proof of this is the fact that his friend mentions that he had talked to an friend while on DMT but it turned out that he imagined that conversation.

The scenes that always come back (seeing his parents having sex, the car crash) are all trauma's that he's thinking over while tripping. This is why we see his sister dying with his friend in the cab towards the end.

The love hotel is also just something his mind creates in the trip because he saw it at his friend's house in miniature.

The fact that in the trip he visits the hotel and sees his friends having sex proves this too because it comes from his earlier wish where he said ' Imagine if the walls were transparent and you're friends are just going at it inside'. His mind shows him what he consciously fantasized about. The same goes for the abortion of his sister. it's fake, he only sees it because in a prior scene he says ' If she ever get's a baby with Mario i'll kill it'

Now you know.