BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½

“with the right white man we can do anything.”

(actually wanted to use the quote ron said after david told him the difference b/w the way black and white men speak, but i forgot it already,,,,,)

holy fucking shit. holy fucking shit. holy. fucking. shit

what a fucking film. 

i cannot form the right words to do justice to how fucking powerful and poignant this film is, all i can say is that was fucking incredible

hilarious. radical. killer score. beautiful shots. 

john david washington and adam driver were stellar. 

was waiting for that classic spike lee dolly shot the entire time and was not disappointed when it finally happened.

those last few minutes were so distressing. what a fucked up fucking country we live in. 

but that last conversation between ron and david. fucking prime. absolutely fantastic. 

black lives matter

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