Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. ★★★

that car scene? ended Lady Bird

that bar kiss scene? ended La La Land

that Dirty Dancing scene? also ended La La Land

i know i just wrote it in my last log, but if Bridget Jones’s Diary contains the peak cinematic fight, then Crazy, Stupid, Love is second place. 

ryan gosling eating pizza in slow motion in a pre-renovated westfield century city? ended all other men. 

i’m really conflicted bc i used to love this movie so much, but rewatching this i realized that—sexism aside—dan fogelman‘s voice is so prominent. and i hate dan fogelman. i remember when i watched Life Itself, i couldn’t believe that the guy who wrote Crazy, Stupid, Love could write something so fucking bad. but now i can hear it. yeah. it’s so obvious. and i’ve never watched This Is Us either but i know i hate the show. i can’t deal w this shit anymore lol. maybe my 14 year old 2011 ass was okay w it, but someone needs to stop dan fogelman from being so delusional lol. 

but still, Crazy, Stupid, Love is his best. it’s the least cringeworthy out of all. and it’s still better than a lot of films similar to it (i’m looking at you Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and every other garry marshall holiday flick). definitely not due to the dialogue, but wholly bc of the charm of the cast. ryan gosling and emma stone???? killed this. without them, i doubt this film would be the cultural touchstone it is today. 

my rating might change whenever i feel nostalgic abt my 2011 life again, but for now this has been the most disappointing throwback film ever lol. imagine having the entire lesson of ur movie be to annoy women ur obsessed w until they finally give up and decide to submit themselves to u. rip. 

ALSO: hard to believe emma stone is fucking 22 in this smfh. now that i’m 23 it’s so hard for me to see emma stone in her older films bc she seems so much older than me and i doubt i wld have the maturity (both emotionally and physically) to play a 27 year old dating ryan gosling. wow. i think that no matter how old i am, i’ll nvr be able to watch an older emma stone film without feeling like she’s still older than me in the given film, lmao. ALSO, does this mean that i cld fuck ryan gosling????? even tho he’s turning 40 this year i mean ,,,,, he hasn’t changed. yeah i cld nvr imagine me at my current age playing a 27 yr old doing Dirty Dancing routines w ryan gosling. i can’t. but god. i wish that was me. 

ps: every single time i watch ryan gosling and emma stone float into the stars in La La Land, i always think to myself “god, they’ve come so far from Crazy, Stupid, Love. steve carell and julianne moore wld be so proud.” idk why that’s always my specific thought at that specific moment, but it is. damn. hard to believe this film will be a decade old soon. pretty crazy. pretty stupid. pretty love??????? (it’s 5am. i need to go to sleep). 

pss: besides the fact that i wanna [redacted] ryan gosling and [redacted][redacted] while [redacted][redacted]...... ya can’t deny steve carell is lowkey a daddy in this. he may not be at the sex god sugar daddy level he is in the current year of our lord 2020 (almost wrote 2019), but he was getting there... he was getting there.

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