No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★

“it’s a good life, isn’t it?”
”the best”

this was my dad’s most anticipated release of 2020 (and 2021) before he died. i still can’t believe i didn’t watch this w him. i almost started bawling the moment that “all the time in the world” started playing in the end credits bc his favorite film of all time was On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. unfortunately my dad didn’t have all the time in the world, he had time to die (i made this joke at the funeral, lmfao). 

when i was 14, my dad and i spent every weekend watching all of the bond films in completion. more recently, my dad and i spent the majority of what ended up being the last year of his life bonding over james bond. i went on a rewatch marathon (which i unfortunately still have not finished), and every time i finished a film, i’d call him to discuss it. he quietly bought every film on vudu for me. we ranked the songs together (his ranking was much better than mine). he became such a massive billie eilish stan that he learned her entire life story; one of the last songs he ever listened to was no time to die. during car rides, we wld only listen to the james bond themes and obsess over how, regardless of our final rankings, “the world is not enough” by garbage is objectively the best, most underrated theme song. he frustratingly complained to me every time the release date got postponed (i even found one of his tweets from his anon accounts lashing out abt it). we constantly shared our hatred for roger moore. we mourned the deaths of our eternal loves, sean connery and diana rigg; i can only hope they’re all hanging out together now. he told me ab his memories of watching the earlier films in theaters w his family, which was the real reason he cherished the films so much. there is so much more for me to say but the bottom line is that if there was someone i had to thank for bringing my dad and i closer together in the last year of his life, it wld be james bond

i feel like my dad would’ve loved this. but i can’t ask him anymore so i can’t know for sure. i can only hope that he found a way to watch this beyond the grave. 

ps: linus sandgren i luv u

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