The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

“i have a thing for the weak.”

round 3 !!!!!! original entry here

went to a double bill of The Favourite and The Lobster (which i’ll log tmrw) w a q&a w yorgos lanthimos. here r some things i jotted from that:

- yorgos lanthimos literally cannot pick favourites. this man literally cannot pick his favorite movie nor filmmaker, much less his favorite food. 
- the movie that inspired him to be a filmmaker: Jaws
- made a comment on how he doesn’t want to use music to show what the acting in a scene should be showing,,, i felt that. 
- i did not realize the resemblance b/w queen anne and pres tr**p at all until yorgos talked abt how she’s an irresponsible leader who impulsively acts based on emotions ,,,,, oooooo 
- in response to the comment that the characters are women w flaws, he said that it was just bc they’re portraying women as real ppl bc female characters can be anything ,,, i love this but like it’s frustrating me bc how hard is it for hollywood to grasp this concept LMFAO. 

“i had a previous work so inteligent ppl should know i wasnt going to do a standard period film.”

common: “what’s your favorite film you’ve done?”
yorgos: “they’re like my children... i hate them all”

and fin. 

as for the film itself —

- during this watch i truly appreciated abigail !!! she truly is my favourite. abigail is that bitch i hate who everyone knows is fake n is only nice to the ppl she knows she can take advantage of n whose tru self is evil n abhorrent ,, n evn tho i HATE this bitch irl, i luv abigail !!! she truly is That bitch. i’ve realized i’ve been rooting for her each time i’ve watched this n i don’t think that’ll evr change. emma stone’s portrayal is *chef’s kiss* muah, perfect. 

- something i’ll elaborate on in my next watch, but this film can nearly be tagged as a “film abt me” bc i relate to queen anne a lot. tonight it esp hit me when sarah calls her too sensitive lollll. 

- But, going off on abigail’s fake bitch character, i’ve realized during this watch that i am actually in a similar scenario rn where i am at odds w a similar fake bitch trying to please a queen anne figure which then, as it turn outs, makes me sarah. n again, i’ll elaborate more the next time i watch this, but the more i think abt it, i am also sarah !! tonight it hit me when she’s begging anne to open the door n saying how she sometimes looks loke a badger !!! n how she’ll always tell her when she does bc she won’t lie bc that’s love !!!! i felt that !!!! i rlly am sarah !! i’m sarah !! i’m anne !! mayb in the nxt watch i’ll realize i’m also abigail !! idk !!!!! but i feel them !!! n i’m Hurt !!!! but them again when am i not ???!!!!!!??!!!!!

- i’ve always luv luv luvvvved that ending shot, n always admired how the rabbits morph into smoke from fire. but it was only during this watch that i realized that smoke might b alluding to how abigail’s father burned the place ?????? idk ,,, this is jst an inkling of a theory ,,, i need to read the screenplay 

- i’ve already mentioned in a diff entry how much i loved the camerawork here, but one shot in particular are the whip-pan dolly/zoom shots hoooooly shit, i took count of all of them tonight and there r MANY n they were all gorgeous !!! my fav being one of the first ones panning from sarah to harley during their meeting near the beginning of the film. it was such a subtle zoom but i jst found it striking to me. 

- speaking of shots, we talked a lot abt how this film was almost fully naturally lit, n i jst wanna say that this is extremely impressive esp bc my fav scene lighting/color wise is when abigail snuck out of the palace and stole a horse to get the herbs. it was like super early morning light n nearly darkness w the deepest bluish-green shade w black n it was jst stunning to me before i remembered that it was all naturally lit. 

- there have been a lot of comparison of scenes to stanley kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, but i feel like there’s even more kubrick inspiration than that. i mean, Eyes Wide Shut, amirite ??? also, in the cutting between the man everyone’s throwing fruits at and sarah riding the horse, when they both fell, it was reminiscent of the classic bone/shuttle edit in 2001:Space Odyssey. idk. was it jst me ???

- harley is right !!!!! emma stone DOES have wide eyes and cute ears !!!!!!!!!!

- when masham smokes that pipe n blows those o’s.... do u evn vape bro

“i see you have returned from—“
“hell. im sure you’ll pass through it someday.”

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