Yesterday ★★½

“a world without the beatles is a world that’s infinitely worse. u have a gift. take it and use it well.”

as a lover of the beatles and lover of romcoms and lover of richard curtis, i am so HURT. i am HURT. it HURTS my heart to rate this film so low. the extra half star is for my love and guilt. and for one moment that made me cry that i can’t reference right now. 


storyline was such a mess and so hard to get through. so many moments were glossed over. so many loose ends and unanswered questions. so many nonsensical parts i ended up not caring abt bc there wasn’t enough setup. dwells so much on the love story, but at the same time, doesn’t ???? like it literally does not make sense at all and the conflict is so frustratingly hard to wrap around. idk.  this film had so so sooooo much potential but lacked so much depth. superficial and meaningless. so fucking disappointed. smfh. 

danny boyle’s direction was ????? WHAT. what the hell was that. there were some parts i did love—like the scenes at the church while jack tried to recall eleanor rigby. but besides that, direction was questionably shit. what were those shots?? omfg this is a commercial romcom not Trainspotting, why do u keep showing me weirdly angled shots. so jarring evn thought it probably wasn’t meant to be ???? also the words across the screen were distracting. a lot of distracting things. but maybe those were all just me. 

there was a lot i did love abt this film. don’t get me wrong. i cackled out loud thrice, i think. besides the shit storyline and lack of depth, i really liked the dialogue. there were many moments where i heard richard curtis’s writing and felt at peace. esp seen in those zany comedic moments such as scenes w jack’s parents and scenes w ed sheeran. all dialogue registered so familiar as the voice of the richard curtis i know and love. shame the overall story as a whole was shit. 

speaking of ed sheeran ,,,,,, delivered the best acting performance in this movie i think, lmfao. so funny. really made him look like an arrogant bastard, LMFAO. and the line of that guy telling him to stop rapping, LOLLLL. classic. also found it ironic how his agent (kate mckinnon) judged jack on his appearance when she’s literally the agent of ed sheeran. lmaoooo. also his two new songs are beautiful. as expected. but forgettable seeing as i don’t fuck w anything post multiply, hahaha. 

speaking of, another thing i obviously loved abt this film was the music. obv. himesh patel has a great voice and covers the beatles magnificently. ALSO, as a major abba stan And a major beatles stan, i was so happy to realize that my girlie lily james has decided to star in films that cover both !!!!! she really loves me !!!!!!!!! though she only sings as backup for like two beatles songs, i’ll accept it!!!! to hear lily james cover my beloved abba and beatles is a gift in itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also, w Yesterday and Blinded By The Light, let me just say that it is so refreshing to see brown boys at the forefront of these white musician films !!!!! for them to be the heart of these films is so heartwarming and makes me so happy. i hope that if we, god forbid, continue to make films based on musicians, they’ll continue to cast poc at the center of them. 

so i think that’s all i have for now. the main thing this film did for me is remind me of how much i absolutely love the beatles :((((((( i love the beatles and i love john lennon. going to go listen to rubber soul on loop now. good night. 

ps: also, they even recreated this photo of paul mccartney and i thought that was so fucking rad. 

pss: can’t reference it but the moment that nearly had me crying was towards the end. that moment. earlier in the movie, i called it, and by the end, i was right !!!!!! but ya omfg. what a perfect scene. loved it. so much. 🥺🥺

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