Long Nights Short Mornings

Long Nights Short Mornings ★★★★½

If you had told me three years ago that not only would Addison Timlin decide to switch gears and become an indie starlet but that I'd start really liking her, I would have slapped you.

But yeah, this is great. Completes the weird accidental trilogy that started with I Am Not A Hipster and Christmas, Again of profoundly broken dudes aimlessly wandering through life. Unlike those two, though, whose protagonists were content to wallow in rock bottom, this is about a man slowly (it's very vague as to how much time this film covers. Could be anywhere from a week to a year) realizing how empty and meaningless his life is. Fernandez is fantastic, as are his steady progressions of costars (this is functionally a series of really great short films, each one pairing him off with a different actress). Timson is great at portraying an utterly fucked up human being, but credit's also got to go to Ella Rae Peck (who has to carry a six minute long take entirely on her own), Helen Rogers (who starts off shaky and ends up breaking your heart) and the great Stella Maeve (who's story has more emotional ups and downs than most feature length films).

I kind of get why people aren't responding to this, because it's plotless and doesn't feel the need to apologize for how awful its characters are. But it's so damn pretty, and plot is for nerds anyway, and I'm be fine if this is just what movies became. And that's real.

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