The Sacrament ★★★★

Ti West normally makes fun movies.

Yeah, his movies are scary, but they're total party flicks. They revel in this old school level of camp and playfulness, teasing the audience throughout. They leave you screaming with a smile on your face.

The Sacrament is not a fun movie.

The Sacrament is one of the bleakest, ugliest and most joyless films I have ever seen. The Sacrament is a film that grabs you by the heat and drags you into into the deepest, darkness recesses of human depravity and evil and refuses to ever hold back. The Sacrament is a film that is all too real, using the found footage conceit to make the audience that much closer to the horrors onscreen. The Sacrament is a deeply nihilistic and depressing movie that leaves you feeling empty in a way few films can.

The Sacrament is the most daring and interesting film of Ti West's career.

And I will never, ever watch it again.