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This review may contain spoilers.

After crashing a colony ship and marooning them all on a hostile planet, Buzz Lightyear, a member of the Star Command Space Rangers, must fly a series of test flights in order to find a new Hyperfuel that can get them back home. However, due to time dilation, each test takes 4 years on the planet, while Buzz feels only 4 minutes. During the decades, his fellow Space Ranger Alisha gets married, has a family, and leads the colony to prosper under the circumstances, but she eventually passes away after 62 years. Buzz Finally (with the help of his robot cat Sox) finds the correct fuel, but in the 22 years the remaining test flight takes, Robots and Zerg have taken over the planet, and he must work with young Space Rangers, including Alisha's Granddaughter, to save the colony. First off, the film is absolutely gorgeous and is a pleasure to watch. Chris Evans as Buzz does a great job of evoking Tim Allen while making it his own and the character moments are truly emotional at times. However, the decision to keep the whole story on one planet is odd, particularly because the planet is bland and boring to look at, and the only aliens are sentient vines and bugs that have no real overall plot relevance. The twist at the end is compelling, but story wise this doesn't live up to Pixar's best, and it's hard to believe that a Kid would have looked up to Buzz like Andy does after this movie. I had a good time watching this movie, but by Pixar standards it's just "pretty good".