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This review may contain spoilers.

that was very enjoyable. i think i would place it in the upper bounds if comparing it to MCU movies, too. kind of weird plot framing to have her just staring at an old photograph for 2 hours but i guess you have to connect it to the DCEU when you're still trying hard to make it work (sorry zack snyder).

the action scenes were cool, i just wish the CG was sliiiiiightly better. but still, huge fan of gal gadot as WW and i think i might jump STRAIGHT into WW84 now.

i'm not really sure how to take the ending with ares dying and apparently the germans are suddenly friends? kind of a weird scene with the guys taking off their gas masks and suddenly chumming up to Chief.

oh and i love her funky theme. ask me about MCU music and i'll give you a "well i think the avenger's main theme kinda goes like this??"