The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

Ok so that was freaking epic.
Saw this in theaters thankfully which allowed me to enjoy a full and extremely seat-gripping cinematic experience. I think it’s definitely one of those films that can only be enjoyed to the fullest extent on the big screen.  
Though more straightforward and therefore less nuanced than his two previous features, Eggers has improved his craft with every new release of his, and the entertainment value of this film is not negligible. All nuance is not lost either as the film doesn’t define clear lines or morality between the hero and the subjects of his vengeance and allows the audience to decide where they stand. You can even find some level of familiarity with the claustrophobic feeling of his two previous films as most of the action of this one takes place in one setting. 
Aside from that, we get served with stunning cinematography and a great score, and everybody brought their A game to their performances no matter how big or small the part was. 
I often saw people complain about the predictability of the story in their reviews which is understandable if you expected the film to conclude on an unpredictable note. As for me, I understood that as a retelling of a tale as old as times, some level of predictability was to be expected, and so I simply let myself enjoy the journey.

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