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  • Starcrash



    Yeah, so Star Crash is kind of a total mess, with a script that seems to have been written by a five year old, and is just filled to the brim with ridiculous dialogue (‘For the space of three minutes, every molecule on this planet will be immobilized. But after the third minute, the green ray loses it's power. Time will flow once more and everything will explode.’)

    But it’s just so much fun! It moves at a super-fast pace,…

  • Apostle



    Goes into some pretty interesting places. Maybe not entirely satisffying, but definitely unpredictable. The film that proves that Gareth Evans can pretty much do anything, especially since with Safe Haven I wasn't sure how much of it was him, and how much of it was the Mo Brothers. Just like in the Raid parts one and two, he shows a real ability to film extreme violence without making it look cartoonish.

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  • Four of the Apocalypse

    Four of the Apocalypse


    Sad and mournful western, with a relaxed, unhurried pace and a tremendous hippy-ish folk soundtrack. Seems totally content to follow the characters around on their journey, until Chaco shows up, and everything goes to shit for them. But despite all of Chaco’s acts, it never descends into nihilism, with a lyrical section near the end set in an all-male mining town where the promise of new life seems to completely reinvigorate the formerly gruff and hostile townsmen. There’s also a…

  • The Protector

    The Protector


    I still kind of liked this as an American action movie that just so happened to star Jackie Chan. The actual fight aren’t really all that great, but Jackie still hits some fancy individual moves, like when he jumps of the wall and hits a spinning kick in the massage parlor. Danny Aiello is pretty fun as the incredibly obnoxious New Yorker who goes on a big nostalgia kick when he goes to Hong Kong, going to the aforementioned massage…