Romance Doll

Romance Doll ★★★

Tetsuo initially takes a job at a sex doll production company for the cash, but soon discovers his respect for the craft of creating the perfect model. While attempting to cast the shape of more realistic breasts, he meets and falls for Sonoko.

One Million Yen Girl is one of my favourite films, so when I found out Yuki Tanada was teaming up with Yū Aoi again, I had to see this.

I was actually more interested before the romance aspect of the film set in, as the enthusiasm of the small team trying to create the ultimate sex doll was fun to watch. Fortunately it comes full circle by the end.

Yū always elevates any film she's in, so her scenes were flawless as usual. I wasn't sure where it was headed during the 2nd act, but it all comes together by the 3rd.

I liked the idea of it, but wasn't really into it for the most part, as I wasn't really feeling the bond between our leads. Though that was actually the point of it; as the couple does drift apart once Tetsuo buries himself in his work.

It's good overall, but wasn't really for me.

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