Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap ★★★½

I haven't seen the first Zombieland since it came out and my interest for this sequel didn't ignite until I learned Zoey Deutch was in it (and surprisingly, for more than just a quick cameo).

This felt like a natural progression of a family unit who had been together for 10 years. At first I saw all of them as the megabuck award winning actors they'd since become, but their characters quickly grew on me and before long, I had no trouble believing in who they all were.

It really kicks into gear once their adventure starts and they yo-yo between supporting actors. The jokes were mostly try-hard, yet endearing and even though a lot weren't ha-ha funny, they still kept me smiling for the most part. I found the excessive on-screen text pop ups a tad annoying, but that concept probably rolled over from the original.

Overall, I enjoyed it way more than I expected to and have to give it extra points for Deutch and that amazing special guest appearance end credits sequence. Love that the entire cast went all in and paid their respects to a film that helped put them (the younger ones anyway) on the map.

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