Suicide Squad ★★

Half hour in I was thinking it's not that bad. Sure it's an incoherent mess, but a FUN incoherent mess. At it's best, Suicide Squad felt like a collection of cool scenes composed (and sometimes forced) to well-known songs. It made no sense, had no rhythm whatsoever, but Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Joel Kinnaman were good and they seemed to have some fun in there.

The plot on the other hand... The build up, the trigger and the solution were all stupid. Enchantress was comicly bad sometimes, the random monster minions were super boring and I never really felt what the squad as a whole brought to the table and that should have been kind of the main point. Instead we've got overdosed on "we just need love and family" moments that might have worked well in a more subtle way, but here it just felt dumb and too obvious after a while.

All in all, it was a complete mess with a lot of wasted potential. I might be crazy, but I loved Harley, Deadshot and Croc as characters and I would watch them in a good movie any day. It's really frustrating, because it easily could have gone better with a way more mundane plot, focusing on the buddy comedy side with some deeper and more nuanced character moments. Or embrace the fun and do something full on weird stuff like Kingsman, but for the love of older Gods, can we please forget about macguffins ending our world?

And hearts in secured suitcases. We don't really need those either.